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Creating Health

Creating Health is an art as therapy project to help to cope with a breast cancer diagnosis or hard news in health. Healing Imagery. Healing from Inside.

This is a WIP (work in progress) project with one digital illustration each day (since August 2021), and oil paintings.

I have developed all these ideas and imagery by working on myself. It has been a great help to transform all those complex internal sensations out of my body. It is invaluable to witness the evolution of emotions through the changes in forms, color, textures, and words. All growing from my mind and heart. 

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woman meditating

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This is a Book of Basic Emotions. EmotiMonsters are eight colorful monsters expressing diverse emotions: Joy, Trust, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Anticipation. The main goal of this project is to guide children to better understand emotions.

Emotimonsters book cover

Masterpiece Bakery

“A CUPCAKE is a small expression of a big celebration”. Higo

In this series, Higo adapts the style of her favorite painting masters, as an expression of a big celebration.

Masterpiece Bakery series has 33 cupcakes as painted by VanGogh, Modigliani, Diego Rivera, Magritte, Lichenstein, Dali, Munch, and more painting masters.


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Van Gogh cupcake by Higo

Oil Painting

These portraits show elongated faces in wonderful colors or colorful landscape.


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Modigliani style portrait by Higo

Art Intervention: Wearable Art, Paper Mache, Dunny, etc

HigoArt intervention on sneakers, purses, boots, furniture, Dunnys, and paper mache sculptures.


Van Gogh in Dunny by Higo

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